Chic eyeglass for my daughter

I think my daughter needs to wear a prescription eyeglass soon. She has persistent headache and couldn’t see or read clearly from a distant when she’s in school. She started to experience these symptoms when she got hooked on reading books. The last time she had an eye check-up was in 2006 when she was just nine. The eye doctor measured her visual acuity at 20/25 then. I’m sure there is a big difference now that she’s 12. I promised to bring her to the eye specialists this month. So while we are waiting for her schedule I will let her pick from new arrival frames that I saw on I hope to get an $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses for her. And she would love this Holiday Fun Eyeglass that I’m thinking of buying for her this Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Chic eyeglass for my daughter

  1. onlinemommy

    This is sad mommy. Parang ang bata pang lumabo ang mata ni Naomi.

    Nde n ba pedeng macorrect?

    Tsaka am happy for you ha, dumarami na opps mo 🙂

    God Bless!

  2. Seiko

    Kawawa naman.Ang hirap pa naman ng malabo ang mata.Ako naman From my husband,eldest,2nd sibling ,3rd & my youngest including me,we all wear eye glass.grades schooler pa lang mga kiddos ko malabo na ang mata,kaya naman hayun nung mga nagdalaga na nagcontact lense na lahat.
    Kaya when I read this post hindi ko mapigilan ang hindi maawa kay Naomi mo.
    Thank you always for the visit Mommy.Ngayon lani ulit ako nakavisit dito.MIL'S still in the hospital,then naghahabol ako na taousin ang transakyones namin for we're gonna visit Shanghai on the 27th.
    Hugs to Naomi Mommy!:D

  3. Yami

    @Mommy Mylene, sabi ng opto niya noon kahit di muna siya magsalamin. that was three years ago, di na kami nakabalik pero sana yung headache niya di related sa mata or else baka magsalamin na talaga siya.

    @Mommy Seiko. malabo pala mata niyo namamana yata yon eh. Re visit, wala yun mare ganun din ako pag busy,bihira rin makadalaw. but i remember you guys naman kahit di ako bumibisita. Thanks mare ha. 🙂


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