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Planning ahead

Two thousand and ten has yet to end but I’m already planning for our 15th wedding anniversary next year. I started to look around for anniversary gifts for my husband recently and I’m choosing the items based on wedding anniversary gifts by year.

Since crystal is the primary material for 15th anniversary I might give him this paper weight crystal desk diamond or a glass mug with print of his favorite personality or sports team.

If I have enough savings to buy a luxurious gift item, I will surprise hubby with a sports watch with his name etched on it and our anniversary date. He will surely like it as he loves to collect watches.

But beyond every material gift that we hoped for is a fervent wish for our marriage and family to stay blessed always…

A puppy!

My kids’ long time dream has finally come true. They are now the proud and excited owner of a cute puppy we named Oreo! My husband’s co-worker owned the puppy and was kind enough to give Oreo to us.

Oreo was swaddled like a baby when hubby took him home last night. The puppy was so calm all through out their travel from Makati to our home.

They arrived late and the kids didn’t see Oreo until this morning when they wake up early for school. I was excited last night and didn’t notice it was late to do my research on Appetite suppressant diet pills.

It was a joy to see how Oreo made my kids happy.

School field trip

The kids are looking forward to their scheduled field trip next month. Both will have a separate field trip date. My daughter’s itinerary includes the visit to Villa Escudero in Quezon on Jan. 28, 2011. My son’s field trip, meanwhile, is scheduled on the 27th of the same month in Tagaytay.

It might be the first time that I won’t be accompanying my son to the trip next year. It’s fine with me because he’s a big boy now and I know he can take care of himself.

While the kids are enjoying the scenic spots and the rides in the places of their destination, I will have more time for myself at home and extra time to look for the best wrinkle creams. I may also treat myself to a nice haircut or a facial if I have enough dough for that. 🙂