Beautiful Gifts To Make or Send

As artistic as you are, there may be times when you come up short on ideas for that special someone. When an occasion arises, and you find inspiration lacking, you can turn to some easy, fun and knock-their-socks off gifts. Take a look at some of the ideas below that you can either whip up in advance and keep on hand or order up online and have delivered for any occasion.

Picture Frames

You may have seen designer shows where crafters use wood to create a beautiful and simple picture frame. You don’t need to go hunting in the woods behind your house either. Take a look at the scraps leftover in your garage. Find a piece of wood that is bigger than the picture you want to include. Stain it any color you choose (natural tones are in style at the moment) and mount clips or small clothespins to hold the picture in place.

Sweet Treat Baskets

Baskets are almost always a hit, especially when you fill them with treats. Creating cookie gift baskets is as simple or ornate as you want to make it, but these type of gifts often get the most praise. Find a basket the appropriate size. You can use store-bought cookies or homemade. There are even companies that will create and deliver the basket for you using the variety of cookies you choose. The possibilities with this gift are endless, and it is 100% versatile.

Date Night Fun

If you are creating a gift for a close friend or family member who needs a break from the norm, craft a date night ready present. You can make it something that is enjoyed at home, like a paint-yourself kit that includes all the supplies required including the inspiration, or it can be an outside date with gift cards. Either way, getting a couple to spend time together can be the best gift you can give.

Finding a way to get creative even when the mood isn’t there is as simple as consulting a list of ideas and thinking ahead.

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