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Storyboard sample

K made this storyboard sample as requirement for his 2D animation subject last year. Title: There’s a monster under my bed

Young Filipino Digital Artists Talk About Their Creative Journey

Listen to young digital artists Naomi and Denice talk about their creative journey and keeping it going despite the competitive field. Interview conducted by their friend Lian, a professional photographer.

They discuss about the difference between digital and traditional arts and provide fresh tips on aspiring artists out there based on their experiences.

“Practice, experiment and enjoy the process.” — Naomi

“Always pursue passion projects, always practice, and share your work (to others) to inspire.” — Denice

Credit: Lian Palado

Inktober Day 4

My son’s Inktober entry. Follow him at

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Origin of Inktober —- Jake Parker, also known as Agent 44, is a comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator. In 2009 Parker started Inktober, a popular annual celebration of ink drawing during the month of October. In 2014’s Inktober, over 100,000 inked images were tagged on Twitter by participating artists. Wikipedia