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Inktober Day 4

My son’s Inktober entry. Follow him at

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Origin of Inktober —- Jake Parker, also known as Agent 44, is a comics short-story creator, concept artist, illustrator, and animator. In 2009 Parker started Inktober, a popular annual celebration of ink drawing during the month of October. In 2014’s Inktober, over 100,000 inked images were tagged on Twitter by participating artists. Wikipedia

Character Design “Roosevelt the Owl”

2015 Character Design “Roosevelt the Owl”

Naomi created Roosevelt the Owl as subject activity and have it copyrighted (G2016-58) (registered and deposited) at the National Library of the Philippines in April 2016 as requirement.

Her other artworks can be found at and

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones


Here’s my daughter’s entry for her thesis exhibit. The basis for winning the contest is 40 percent Facebook likes and 60 percent from the judges. I gathered all the help that I can get from friends both online and former co-workers, and family members to achieve as many FB likes as possible. But we didn’t win the FB likes category. We are pinning our hope to be able to get the nod of the judges. 🙂