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Armand Serrano autograph

N attended their school seminar last year and was able to get Armand Serrano’s autograph. She missed a photograph with the veteran animation artist though.

N was able to secure an Icon Manila certificate when she attended a one-day workshop in 2015. Armand Serrano was one of the speakers.


Original storyboard by Naomi Torrecampo

Original storyboard by Naomi Torrecampo

I’m sharing the storyboard made by my daughter for her 2-D animation project. She is the group leader and they will be doing the 2-D animation of the Philippine Folk TaleThe Sun and the Moon“. The animation would run for a few minutes. I’m not sure if they would include a background music (or at least instrumental sound from muscians friend) once the animation is completed, but for me it would make the animation livelier and more fun to watch.