Monthly Archives: April 2015

Thesis poster


N and her classmates presented this poster for a¬†thesis (title) defense the other night. I’m excited to see their final project. (One happy mom here.)

Busy as a bee

N hardly finishes her personal drawings because she’s really busy with school. Her group is beating a deadline for thesis submission. I’ll be sharing a few of her editorial cartoons that¬†appeared in People’s Tonight this week. She’s squeezing a few minutes from her already tight schedule in order to submit an editorial cartoon everyday. There are times, she requests for my help to check on for a certain subject requirement.

Anyway, check on some of PT’s editorial cartoons this week.

edit cartoon 4-10-15

Tax payers complained that online system for filing of tax isn’t working.

edit cartoon 4-11-15

P-noy’s approval rating is plummeting

edit cartoon 4-13-15

The Golden Rice Project of Bill (and Melinda) Gates

edit cartoon 4-16-15

Janet Napoles sentenced to life imprisonment