Monthly Archives: November 2013

Supporting a college student is not easy

Hubby and I are thankful that our daughter was able to avail a scholarship for without it there is no way we could enroll her to the university she now loves. We are paying half of the tuition every term. It’s still a big amount considering that we only rely on my husband’s salary and some commission that he receives not for wholesale printing but from computer to plate services. We are keeping our options open in case something affects my daughter’s scholarship. But my daughter is really determined to keep her scholarship by studying hard. Here’s the proof of her being a hardworking student. We are proud of her.

midterm grade for 2nd term

Accessories for dogs

oreo with scarf

There are so many cute accessories from bark collars we wish we could provide for our pet Oreo, but they are just too expensive. We tried putting a shirt on him but he’s not comfortable with it so I guess he’s cool without accessories. More than anything else, our pet loves to go for walks (to do his business) and have his tummy rub time.