Monthly Archives: June 2012

Psychedelic flowers

Daughter made this colorful flowers last week. Sometimes she has this urge to draw anything that fascinates her including this psychedelic flowers. Despite her being busy with school assignments she finds time to squeeze in her drawing and painting hobby.

Take a closer look at the flower for a few seconds. Have you noticed anything odd with the image? The flower seems to move in circular motion like a ceiling fan or is it just me?

Family Portrait

My daughter is working on a new drawing. I’m excited because she’s painstakingly doing our family portrait. She has yet to finish coloring the artwork, but this early I can say that she’s doing an awesome job. I’m proud of my daughter and her determination to perfect what she loves doing the most. Before I get carried away, I’ll go back to my research on Dewalt 20v max cordless.

Cool outfit design

Older kids nowadays are more experimental when it comes to dressing up. The louder or bolder their getup, the better for them. If bolder (and weird) prints are in these days, there are online stores to check out for iron fist-styled shirts, jackets, bags, belts, and more. Students who go to universities that do not require uniforms can try some of the cool designs on the link provided here. On the other hand, some kids prefer to design their own clothes. (I’m taking a hint from my daughter who is thinking of designing or adding drawing to her own shoes like a canvas.)