Original storyboard by Naomi Torrecampo

Original storyboard by Naomi Torrecampo

I’m sharing the storyboard made by my daughter for her 2-D animation project. She is the group leader and they will be doing the 2-D animation of the Philippine Folk TaleThe Sun and the Moon“. The animation would run for a few minutes. I’m not sure if they would include a background music (or at least instrumental sound from muscians friend) once the animation is completed, but for me it would make the animation livelier and more fun to watch.

Tired but happy

I was trying to upload some photos of my daughter in my other blog but couldn’t remember what to write about those pictures as I was really sleepy and tired for the last three days. I was cleaning the house and washing bed sheets, towels, and 72 inch round table cloths that accumulated for weeks….

Practice Portrait #2


My daughter is back to school and starting to get busy with subject requirements. This is her second drawing for her Practice Portrait (series). You may check PP #1 here. She finished this a few days before the opening of classes. I’m about to write something about gold wedding rings earlier when I remember that…

Practice Portrait #1


My daughter is making the most of her school vacation by practicing her portrait drawings. I’m sharing one of them here. Image source for her drawing can be seen here. Thanks to the owner.

The Rescuers


Illustration by Naomi Torrecampo for an article (Zambales Cops Push Drive for Excellence) published by People’s Journal and People’s Tonight (Mamang Pulis), July 4, 2014.



Late post. This editorial cartoon appeared in People’s Tonight last May 22.

Art work tees

shirt design (sketches)

My daughter’s love for arts is clearly manifested through her love of this shirt brand with handmade sketches design. She was able to collect 10 or more so shirts in different colors and designs since she first bought her first art work tee over a year ago. In fact, I believed that she might have…