School project that tackles harassment

After the successful completion of their thesis, N and her classmates have completed another school project that debunks myths about sexual harassment. The project involved information and interview from a resource person representing an organization that caters to sexual harassment cases. The project is presented in a 3-minute video. The characters include women in certain sectors of society. After reading about martin guitar musicians friend, this infomercial is a good basis to learn more about harassment in public spaces.

College graduation gift

In three months’ time my daughter will be graduating from college and we are thankful that despite the financial difficulty we didn’t gave up in supporting her education. We thought of giving her a gift but she requested us to buy her ticket for a two-day conference scheduled next month. I think that is more practical than giving her cheap acoustic guitars at

Digital arts tool you need

Digital art is one of the fastest growing mediums in the modern era. This is because after the initial purchase of tools for your digital art, like a drawing tablet and a computer and sometimes software, you don’t have to constantly be purchasing supplies. It’s also great because it creates a certain look within itself and you can add all sorts of different elements without breaking the bank on brushes, canvas board, paint, pencils, erasers, pens, or markers. All these supplies can really add up in cost, but when you have digital art making supplies, you have all of these on your computer. If you want to start making digital art, here is a list of things you will need to get started.

First, and maybe most obviously, you’ll need to have a computer. Most any computer will do but you must think about about the program that you intend on using to make sure that you will have the right kind of memory needed for the program to work. Depending on the program, you will need higher memory so that all the storage for the different kind of brushes and other items will go smoother as you draw. Get the right computer from Newegg and save big.

Another thing you have to decide on is the program that you will need to draw with. There are tons of different programs out there to choose from, and even some free ones. You’ll need to find the kind of program that works best with your art style preference, but many have almost everything you need, including some free ones. Before buying a program, you must do preliminary research so that you find the right one for you.

Lastly, you will need a tablet. A drawing tablet is much different from the phone like tablets that most people are used to today. Drawing tablets are perfect for digital drawings, as they have everything you need to draw like you’re used to, by having a pen that goes well with the tablet. The pen also comes with extra nibs, because over time the tips of your tablet will disintegrate, much like a pen or pencil, but much slower.