Friends’ signs

fan sign

N’s friends signed up their nicknames on the whiteboard as remembrance of their overnight stay in our house.


nude painting

This is the last of three color paintings I saw from Kyle’s drawing pad which he intends to throw but I was able to save.

Sketch and color painting by Kyle


Kyle loves to draw and paint. But unlike his sister, he rarely keeps his finish work. One time I check on his drawing pad and saw some of these unfinished painting. I love his choice of colors – very light and soothing to the eye. Will post another painting of his next time.

Pope Francis Portrait Drawing


I’m excited to share this portrait drawing of Pope Francis made by my daughter. I requested her to place one of Pope Francis’ memorable quotes in the portrait. I hope you’ll like it and be inspired by the message. The pontiff was in the Philippines from January 15 to 19 for a pastoral and state…