Owl painting


Still unfinished painting of an owl (N’s latest favorite drawing subject). She’s doing this in between reviewing for midterm exams. Will update the photo soon…

What kids do during brownouts?

Play, draw, read books? On an inclement weather we have no choice but to stay indoors and think of activities to stave off the creeping boredom caused by power interruption . My kids end up reading non-academic books. I was able to read a few pages of a book about preowned instruments for sale (I hope…

Her fascination with owls

vector owl

I’m not sure where it all started but my daughter has this huge fascination with owl. And she’s making designs inspired by this wide-eyed creature. I began posting her vector design here. The collection has grown wide. She has her own personal shirt design, stickers, project in school, table designs, hair pins, and now a…

Giant of a man

edit cartoon 11-02

This editorial cartoon which commemorates the achievements of former DOH Secretary and Senator Juan Flavier appeared in both People’s Journal and People’s tonight last weekend, November 2, 2014.

Owl tats


What will you do if your kid wanted to have a tattoo so bad that she didn’t even asked for your permission before she had one done? Thank goodness this owl tattoo is just made from an erasable ink and N did it by herself.