Honing musical talent

Big names in the movie and music scene started out once as dreamy boys and girls holding a microphone and acting while wearing their mom or dad’s outsize clothes. Stage parents would grab every opportunity to have their kids’ audition video shot for talent scouts’ approval. But in this day and age, parents honing their kids to stardom can use several social networks as avenue to show their kids’ talents and eventually build followers for them.

If you have talented kids wouldn’t you dream of seeing them belting out with Miley Cyrus or acting with heartthrob Taylor Lautner? Of course you do. But you don’t have to wait for the big break to come to realize that dream. For a start, you need musical instruments to practice your kids’ musical inclination. Does peavey ring a bell?

The next big thing

Having been quiet from the FB world for quite sometime now, I have no idea what people are saying about the next big thing in the social entertainment. According to reviews, this social entertainment can make or turn your home into a movie studio wherein you will have a specially-designed web cam, remote control, and…

Wacky pose (self portrait)

wacky selfie

Don’t laugh now. This is N’s representation of her wacky self. She’ll surely get mad when she finds out I post her drawing.


Original storyboard by Naomi Torrecampo

I’m sharing the storyboard made by my daughter for her 2-D animation project. She is the group leader and they will be doing the 2-D animation of the Philippine Folk Tale “The Sun and the Moon“. The animation would run for a few minutes. I’m not sure if they would include a background music (or…

Tired but happy

I was trying to upload some photos of my daughter in my other blog but couldn’t remember what to write about those pictures as I was really sleepy and tired for the last three days. I was cleaning the house and washing bed sheets, towels, and 72 inch round table cloths that accumulated for weeks….

Practice Portrait #2


My daughter is back to school and starting to get busy with subject requirements. This is her second drawing for her Practice Portrait (series). You may check PP #1 here. She finished this a few days before the opening of classes. I’m about to write something about gold wedding rings earlier when I remember that…