You could be taking one of these medicines

Here is the list of discounted drugs/medicines under the Government Mediated Access Price (GMAP) of the DOH.

Anti-hypercholesterolemia (Ezetrol and Vytorin)
Anti-hypertensive (Cozaar and Hyzaar)
Anti-depressant (Seroxat)
Anti-psychotic (Leponex)
Anti-cancer (Tykerb, Zoladex, Zoladex LA and Leunase)
Anti-asthma (Ventolin Rotapack)
Anti-coagulant (Coumadin and Fraxiparine)
Anti-glaucoma (Betoptic, Ciloxan, Isoptocarpine and Quinax)
Medicines for prostate disorders (Avodart)
Fluids for patients on kidney dialysis
Anti-hepatitis B/anti-viral (Revovir)
Antibiotic/anti-bacterial (Levofloxacin Winthrop)
Anti-inflammatory/pain reliever (Meloxicam Winthrop)
Anti-asthma (Seretide with a new device).

Note from the DOH:

Price reductions will be effective by March 31, 2010.
The public is advised to report non-complying establishments to hotline number 809-4390.
Posters will be placed in all drug outlets by March 31. It will carry telephone numbers of DOH Centers for Health Development where people can report any violations or complaints.

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