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Download your favorite music videos and earn

I can’t believe it, is it for real? I can download my favorite music videos all I want and get paid for it ? Wow! I don’t buy it at first but when I check out MissUpload.com I finally believe its true. MissUpload provides users with up to 5000 MB of storage. It offers online storage/remote backup capacity and sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. File sharing is not limited to data or music video, I can share and request my friends photos of our recent meet up or get-away. The free upload file only implements certain rules against disseminating materials containing pornography, nudity, sexual images, any kinds of offensive stuff and copyrighted material. I heard that aside from the large space allotted to subscribers, patrons may also earn from a reward system whereby online activity is redeemable for cash. Users who reach 1000 unique downloads are rewarded $10 that is paid using PayPal.