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Late risers

The kids just love the weekends. They are allowed to stay late on Friday nights so they end up sleeping until 9 or 10 in the morning of the following day. They were like babies with very soft head and neck pillows that lull them to sleep. Such moments I missed when they were very little. We let them have uninterrupted sleep on weekends because they wake up really early on school days. Having enough rest prevent the kids from getting cranky and annoying at day time. I hate it when they are difficult to deal with. Sometimes I wish they remain the obedient kids we know.

Don’t let The Bugs Bite

If you are living with two rowdy little boys (like my nephews), sleep is one of the things you will sorely miss and might just be one of your biggest problems, too! I don’t know what it is about taking a nap and going to bed early that put them off, I am only sure that whenever those times arrives, my nephews will find clever ways to do many a number of things other than sleep. It seems like a nap or sleeping early at night are two activities they’d rather trade for something else, like sleeping is a sure waste of time. It won’t matter whether their grandmother had the air-conditioning on during the hot summer days or even when their granny get them each an electric mattress pad during the colder months, they would almost always drop sleeping in favor of other activities they deem more worthwhile to do. Boys!