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Back-to-school season

It’s back-to-school season again! It’s like only last month that we were talking about going somewhere and now they are back to school in a few days. I remember I was writing about custom car seat covers when my son mentioned about going to Water Fun while its still vacation. We are  discussing about it and made a tentative plan, but due to financial constraints the plan didn’t materialize.

School supplies

We just bought the kids school supplies today. We were a little behind schedule, but just in time before school opens next week. We bought them notebooks, pad paper, pens, bond paper and more. Shopping for school supplies this year is more convenient for us because the kids, who are now both in high school, will be using similar school items. It saves us time wandering around the bookstore. But we could have saved more and might have an extra budget to buy outdoor antennas if we went to Divi for their school supplies.