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Managing Your Prescription List

Prescription medications can be both inconvenient and expensive to purchase. Even with a short prescription list, maintaining current prescriptions from a physician, filling them each month and ensuring proper health insurance coverage can be a hassle. This process is exacerbated by those who, due to long-term illnesses or disease, require a long prescription list and cannot get by without their medications.

Fortunately, there are many conveniences available for those patients whose lists of prescription medications is inconveniently long. Since most pharmacies fill prescription medications a month supply at a time, patients can sometimes request up to a three month’s supply of their prescription medication. This, however, must be authorized by both the prescribing physician and the patients insurance company.

Additionally, many online pharmacies provide prescription medications in bulk quantities delivered directly to the patients home, which could be highly beneficial for those patients whose mobility or energy levels do not allow for much activity. Online pharmacies still require a valid prescription, but sometimes offer lower prices than drug stores as well as a more convenient delivery. Be wary of online pharmacies who claim that no prescription is necessary for controlled pharmaceuticals, as these may not be legal.

Using health insurance to cover the costs of prescription medications can also be a hassle, but is necessary for many patients in order to afford their medications. It is always beneficial to check with your insurance company for coverage information, co-pays, pricing and generic vs. name brand requirements when you are prescribed a new medication. Most physicians and pharmacies will choose to prescribe or fill a generic version of the medication when it is available, while many insurance companies require generic version for full coverage.

Whatever your prescription list requires, there are many resources available to make the process more convenient and cost-effective.