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Preparing early for Christmas

It’s not even half way through the year yet, but I think it’s good to be ahead of your schedule to prepare Christmas Party Invitations for families, friends, classmates or officemates. You’ll never know when you will be swamped by work and too busy to go to the mall, so there’s nothing wrong to prepare early.

I know some friends and former officemates who shop as early as September or as soon as they received their mid-year bonus to avail mall sale. They buy clothes in bulk to get bigger and better discounts. For the thrifty or more practical ones, they make and design their own gift items. It saves them cash and adds a personal touch (depending on the recipient’s personality) to the gift.

Christmas wish list

When my kids were little they used to count the days before Christmas. They are excited to make an individual wish list hoping to receive nice presents from their Godparents who are mostly relatives. Their wish list usually includes toys and books. But since they are no longer babies, they prepare a different set of wish list this year. Thinking of Christmas gifts for her (my daughter) is easy. Aside from drawing, my daughter loves to read, so if her godparents are reading this, you don’t have to think of expensive gifts for her. But an iPad for those who have extras would be nice. 🙂

Christmas card from friends

I found this Christmas card from the box of old pictures and cards. The card was signed by the staff of the UNAIDS Philippines (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS Philippines), They are the ones who deal with the members of the press. These people are also responsible for making the agency’s program accessible to the public.

Paper Culture christmas cards such as this one have a way of bringing back worthwhile memories. Aside from postcards I also receive two or more e-cards from news sources during my birthday and holiday season. You may check out some sites if you wish to get printable Christmas cards that you want to give your friends, family members and other people worthy of appreciation.