Young Filipino Digital Artists Talk About Their Creative Journey

Listen to young digital artists Naomi and Denice talk about their creative journey and keeping it going despite the competitive field. Interview conducted by their friend Lian, a professional photographer. They discuss about the difference between digital and traditional arts and provide fresh tips on aspiring artists out there based on their experiences. “Practice, experiment and enjoy the […]

Digital arts tool you need

Digital art is one of the fastest growing mediums in the modern era. This is because after the initial purchase of tools for your digital art, like a drawing tablet and a computer and sometimes software, you don’t have to constantly be purchasing supplies. It’s also great because it creates a certain look within itself […]

First Digital Artwork Using Bamboo Pen & Touch

Here’s my daughter’s recent digital art using the Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet given by her cousin from abroad. This gadget costs more than $100. We could not purchase a gadget like this right away, but thankful that a bighearted relative bought this for my daughter. This is actually the second gift that she received […]