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A Sneak Peek Into My Kids’ Work And Study Area

The kids would definitely nag me for posting this, haha. I’m not posting something personal, though. It’s just their work and study area. I’m just happy that they are doing their part to better themselves.

N’s work area

The eldest is working from home, so I don’t expect her to help with the chores. My youngest is busy in online classes. He is in third-year college now. He spends most of his time doing school requirements.

K’s study area

On the side, he cultivates three aquariums. (Check my other blog for more entries about his aquariums.) One aquarium is inside the bedroom beside his computer table. I think his hobby keeps the balance between him being homebound since last year and doing school projects that keeps him up some nights.

Work area, too.

N uses both tables alternately for work.

Funko Pop toys, comics, and books collection

The rooms are not that spick and span because of the deteriorating wall paints. House renovation is not a priority at this point, like what I said in a previous post in my other blog.

I hope I can share with you the photos of the other parts of the house. Maybe I can do that when we finally have a permanent house structure, in God’s perfect time.