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Importance of Errors and Omissions Insurance Cover

What is this? errors and omissions insurance is the type of insurance cover that professionals take to cover against mistakes that may cause financial harm to another party. This is the kind of insurance cover that an insurance broker or a freelance accountant would take. Such errors as they would make could prove to be very costly to their clients and a lawsuit would definitely follow. This kind of cover will insulate one from facing the cost of the lawsuits that would be sure to follow the professional mistakes. It is taken separately, from the more common general insurance covers for business. This cover takes care of a professional liability claim against a company.

Our Children, Our Blessing

We consider our children the best gifts that we have ever received and as much as we can, we provide for them to the best of our abilities and give them the best of all things, or at least, the best that our hard-earned money can afford us, food, toys, clothes, books, education, to name a few. If we could we would not let even a tiny, unsuspecting insect to harm them and would go the extra miles to safeguard their well-being and safety. And if truth be told, this early, you have been asking around about term insurance and educational plans and thinking of getting one for your precious little one. Of course, you would not want to put anything to chance and would simply stop at nothing to be sure your little one is getting the finest.

Insurance for our motorbike

Hubby got his motorbike three years ago as company’s payment for his unpaid vacation leaves. I was hesitant to have that motorbike at home because I don’t want hubby to drive it to work. You know how unsafe our public roads for motorbike drivers especially at night. He passes Commonwealth Avenue everyday. And you know that Commonwealth Avenue is accident prone especially for motorbike riders.

For a while, I allow hubby to drive the vehicle. But on his own, he decided not to bring the motorbike anymore because he thought it’s more convenient to ride a bus or Fx on his way home. Imagine he can sleep or relax listening to his mp3 while traveling.

We use our motorbike these days as our service in going to the market and run errands. Just last Holy Friday, we used it to visit La Mesa Eco Park to save for transportation fare. Our motorbike has been a great help to us, but we haven’t applied for any insurance especially HVG insurance for it. Speaking of insurance, hubby and I are planning to look for cost-effective insurance plans for the whole family. Our experience with the hospitalization of our son taught us the importance of health insurance.