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Digital Art #1 – Minion (Despicable Me)


This is the digital art that I’m telling you about from my previous post. What can you say about my daughter’s latest work? 🙂

The Many Facets of Digital Art


There are some types of digital art that people are not too familiar with. Some of the types are vector, pixels and fractals. These arts are made differently. Basically, vectors are mathematically made by a program. This means that you can edit them out without worrying about the resolution being too small or too big. Pixels on the other hand are dependent on the resolution because they are commonly edited out with some applications that might lower their resolution and will make the image blurred. Fractals are also dependent on math. There are some programs that are made specifically to show different fractals. With all these that are available, creating a website will be easy as long as you know what you would like to put.

Entrance exam update

My daughter took an entrance test in a university in Manila last year. She passed the IQ, Math, English and Science tests but her scores did not meet the school’s required cut-off scores. Even if she qualifies to enroll we may not be able to send her to that school because we cannot afford the tuition fee.


Last Saturday, she took another exam for a different school. My daughter said the test was much easier compared to the first one. And they waited for less than an hour to get the result. She passed the entrance examination and qualified for admission. This university offers the course that she wants to pursue. We will try to look for a scholarship to assist us with the expenses. I know it’s going to be tough for all of us next school year.

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