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My college student

My college student has gradually adjusted to college life. She’s making new friends already and as a mom I’m happy that she no longer feels “invisible” (she jokingly describes herself during the first week of school). I hope my daughter would be able to meet more friends with the same aspiration of finishing school and reach their individual dreams in life.

Get organized

Students take note. This is one of the important habits students should learn to develop if they wish to avoid cramming during examinations and submission of projects. This is pretty basic, students should know when assignments are due; label their things; and be an expert on any course requirements and due dates. It may be too technical to advise young students to clean pc, so for this one, they may hire an expert to do it for them.

Get organized info is one of the tips listed in the College Survival Tips brochure that my daughter received during an orientation earlier.

Photo credit: Leather journal