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Similar blog name might be confusing to readers and followers, so today this site will no longer be called Yam’s Files, but Sketches (a young artist portfolio) because I’m giving this site to my daughter from now on. While she is starting to learn the basics of blogging, I will manage the site for her. You will see her drawings posted here and if I can convince her, maybe you will be able to read her own post one of these days. Mahiyain kasi ‘yun she doesn’t want other people to read her journal kahit ako pa ‘yun. 😀

So there, I hope you’ll also visit her here once in a while. I’m sure she’ll be more inspired to draw when she learns that people admire her drawings. Give me some time and I will post all her artwork here including the ones she made when she was in grade school so you will be able to see the progress of her drawings. You’ll see all her reference art books, even the paperbacks that she loves to read at the moment… Pardon me for a little bragging, konti lang naman, I couldn’t help it I’m a proud mom. 😀

See you all very soon! 🙂

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