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DIY photo light box

Our handyman (Daddy dearest) is at it again. This time he helped our son create a light box, a DIY photo light box.

The materials are simple and inexpensive except for the light bulbs. From the usual ‘tambak‘ inside the house, hubby was able to collect karton box, parchment paper, and a shaky camera tripod.

The procedure is simple: 

Find an old carton box. Slit the corners to create a wide opening…place two led lamp of about 20 watts each inside. Cover the front with transparent paper for a soft light effect. The old camera tripod is used as stand. 

The photo light box, by the way, was intended for Kyle’s photography class project.

Teaching kids the value of saving water

tap water

Kids should be taught the value of savings as early as possible. Besides saving money kids should be trained to be responsible in using electricity and water supply. Teaching kids to minimize use of computer and other gadgets at home will help you save money every month.

So how do you start teaching young kids to save water?

You can start by telling them to turn off the tap when brushing their teeth. If they can’t clean up or take a shower on their own, you can let them spend a good 5 minutes in the shower. Turn on the water briefly to wet them, turn it off while you lather up, then on when rinsing off. They will develop the good habit if you always remind them about the benefits of what you are teaching them.

You can also teach your kids about the value of collecting rain water. Even if you have a steady supply of water at home, it is wise to collect rain water in stainless steel drum. You can use the rain water to clean your car, garage, flush the toilet, mopping your floor, and for watering the plants.

I guess anything you teach your kids will be effective if they see you doing what you are preaching. Set a good example for them.

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