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What kids do during brownouts?

Play, draw, read books?

On an inclement weather we have no choice but to stay indoors and think of activities to stave off the creeping boredom caused by power interruption . My kids end up reading non-academic books.

I was able to read a few pages of a book about preowned instruments for sale (I hope to finish reading it and write a short review about it).

We just enjoyed the stillness of the afternoon reading and chatting. But when power supply resume the following day, activities at home were back to normal, kids are spending more time in front of the computer.

How about your kids, what do they love to do during brownouts?

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The History Of Bingo

Bingo has been a staple to the gaming community for over two decades. It is always changing and evolving into many different types of games, like the ones being played at People have been playing bingo to pass the time and enjoy themselves in many ways, for a long time.

Bingo is based on the game that was played in Italy in 1530 called as “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”- this literally means, as The Clearance of The Lot of Italy. Centuries later, in France, many varieties of the said game took place, such as the use of tokens and cards. Meanwhile, this kind of game has been used in Germany for educational purposes. It has been one of the ways teachers teach their students spelling, animal names, and multiplication tables.

On 1778, lotto had evolved from Le Lotto which was created by the French. This is where the modern design of bingo cards originated. And during 1920s, this game gained popularity when Hugh J. Ward brought the game to carnivals in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

It became even more popular when this game was brought to Atlanta in December 1929. A toy manufacturer, Edwin S. Lowe, then noticed how engaging and addictive the game was. There, he introduced his friends and colleagues to the “Beano” game- following Ward’s rules and using dried beans, a rubber stamp, and a cardboard sheet to play. His friends really liked the game, and it started to gain popularity. It is said that when one of Lowe’s friends won the game, instead of yelling Beano, he said Bingo- thus giving the game its present day name.

Why Doodle Art is Popular

Doodle art is very popular because a lot of artists do it. There are world renowned artists that have first started to realize their love for art because of the doodles that they did. It is true that doodle art is popular but there are also some skeptics because they think that there is nothing so special about it because everybody doodles especially when they are bored. Some even say that doodle art is not that much different from color brochure printing wherein some of the brochures will already look similar even though they have been printed to promote different things. Doodle art is popular because it reaches out to people and makes them realize that anything and everything can actually be beautiful. A doodle that is so simple may mean a thousand words to someone.

Doodle above courtesy of my son’s classmate.