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Couch potatoes

My kids spend a great deal of time in front of the computer and television this summer. That’s the downside of having two computers and two television sets at home. When one kid doesn’t want to watch a certain television program, he or she would turn on the other tv set, or play computer game to while away the time.

I’m afraid these kids will grow big heavy lack of physical activity. As a worried mom, I don’t want them to reach the point where they have to use diet pills to shed excess fat because of inactivity. They should spend one hour of physical activity every day.

General Cleaning

We are going to be busy with a lot of cleaning here at home. The kids are volunteering to help with the sorting out of useful items. They know if their old baby thank you cards are to be disposed or not. They are aware that baby souvenirs are placed in boxes with all the other important documents including photographs of our family.

We hope to begin our cleaning activity after I’m done with my online work and cooking.

Hope we all have a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 🙂

Nostalgic “papag”

I saw some pictures of pine beds in one site and can’t help but remember the house I grew up in. The flooring on the second floor of our old house and our bed were made of bamboo strips. The bed, which we call papag, brings so many memories as a child. During summer months, my cousins and I would play on the bamboo bed, we would eat our snack and take afternoon nap there. I rarely see families who use bamboo bed these days. Bamboo beds nowadays are more stylish and a bit expensive compared to our lowly papag in the 70’s.