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Christmas card from friends

I found this Christmas card from the box of old pictures and cards. The card was signed by the staff of the UNAIDS Philippines (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS Philippines), They are the ones who deal with the members of the press. These people are also responsible for making the agency’s program accessible to the public.

Paper Culture christmas cards such as this one have a way of bringing back worthwhile memories. Aside from postcards I also receive two or more e-cards from news sources during my birthday and holiday season. You may check out some sites if you wish to get printable Christmas cards that you want to give your friends, family members and other people worthy of appreciation.

Christmas gifts

Like the past Christmases, this year is no different for my kids. They still receive something from some of our relatives and their ninongs and ninangs on Christmas day.

Naomi’s gift from her Ninang Badet. Thank you Ninang.

Instead of toys (which is no longer appropriate because they are big kids now), my kids are given cash gifts. The kids use their money to buy the things they want. My daughter now invests in drawing or coloring materials for her sketching hobby. My son, on the other hand, well, he collects toys (sorry, but he doesn’t want me to specify). 🙂

Ang Pao from Ninong and Ninang

When they were little they’re too excited to unwrap their presents for they knew the boxes contain toys. My daughter used to get ragdolls, cash register toy and a battery-operated microphone as gifts. My son’s favorite Christmas presents were stuffed animals, toy train, and dinosaurs.