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Top Activities for Preschoolers

The activities that are created for preschoolers are usually more advanced than the ones that toddlers are doing. This is because preschoolers are already at the age when they can already start learning more and they will be able to process things better than toddlers.

The activities that preschoolers have to do should still be fun enough so that even when they are learning, they do not feel like they are doing lessons. Rather, they will associate the lessons with activities that are fun and exciting.

A father and son may opt to do activities at home that may be more inclined to sports. Team sports may not be recommended yet because they can be a bit too daunting for preschoolers. One example of a sport that may be done is soccer. Remember to choose peewee soccer so that preschoolers will be able to grasp the fun of the game rather than become frustrated with the rules.

For those who believe that preschoolers should not be exposed to sports just yet, there are some activities that they can do instead.

  • Creating a Collage

Preschoolers will be able to understand that they can cut different types of paper or perhaps use different set of leaves in order to create a collage. This fun activity will surely be treasured by a lot of children especially if they are given the praise that they need for their efforts.

  • Creating Caterpillars

This is especially beneficial for toddlers who would like to learn more about colors. While giving instructions on each circle that will represent the caterpillar, preschoolers will learn more about the different colors available.

There are still other activities that preschoolers can surely do. Guiding children at this stage is highly important for their overall growth.

Cell phone use and kids’ safety

Both my kids are using their own cell phone now. They can bring their phone when they are outside the house with friends, but they aren’t allowed to bring the gadget in school. From time to time hubby is checking on their phone, not because we don’t trust them but we just want to be familiar with their friends and classmates. We are also wary about the use of foul language through texting. Good thing the kids are not like that. What we, parents, probably need is a Mobile Security to protect them from unscrupulous individuals that may lure them to do things against their will. How about you, do you also check on your kid’s cell phone once in a while?

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