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The Best Essential Art Tools For Graphic Artists

There might be no part of globe or any profession that does not need the service of a graphic designer. The least indirect interaction that any business can expect with a graphic designer is creating an awesome logo for its business. Today, lots of software and tools have been developed to make the complex tasks of graphic designers very easy and fast. Let’s have a look on some of the best art tools for the graphic artists.

Deviant ART

Deviantart is probably one the most popular art tools for graphic artists. It is an online platform for community of artwork, photography and videography. It offers the artworks in several categories such as digital art, photography, traditional art, flash, literature and skins for applications. Supplementary features comprise polls, journals, portfolios and groups.


Pixlr is a famous cloud-based platform for image tools and utilities. It offers numerous photo editors, photo sharing service and a browser extension for screen recording. The app of Pixlr provides the best feature of simple to advanced level photo editing.

PicMarkr Pro

PicMark Pro is the software which helps the graphic artists to Import the photos and pictures from computer or Flickr account, Add image or text watermark to the pictures, provides professional presets for watermarks related to text and gives an opportunity to edit all the characteristics of watermark such as fonts, transparency, backgrounds, color etc.

Wacom Bamboo

Wacom Bamboo is a Pen Tablet which enables to see the virtual canvas of your computer. It allows you to generate digital artwork just with pen touch. The Wacom bamboo tablet can simulates the instinctive feeling of pen on the paper thanks to its textured feature. Wacom pen tablets are easy to set up with user-friendly features. It can work with lots of creative programs. Moreover, it comes in bundled packs of software which are designed for just for the creative such as ArtRage® Studio and Autodesk SketchBook Express.

How to Choose Live Video Streaming App for Your Website

You have decided that you are going to do a live video stream on your website. This can be great as it will allow people to visit your website more. There are different reasons why you may want to do this such as the following:

  • You would like to share your content with more people.
  • You want to reach more people so they can check out your website.
  • You would like to have a platform wherein people can become updated with the latest happenings about the things that you are sharing.

There are a lot of applications that are meant to help you video stream effectively. It will be hard to pick just one especially if you do not know what you are looking for. Find more details about the video live streaming app that you would like to get.

Get to Know the Basics of Streaming

Live streaming is actually a bit complicated. Some people only realize how complicated it is the moment that they start setting up their website for it. You would need some items such as your very own camera, your chosen live streaming platform, and an encoding software. If you do not know what to do with these things, it is best that you hire a professional to help you out.

Search for the Features You Want

Choosing the right live streaming platform does not have to be complicated as long as you know the right features for your needs. These are just a few things that you have to look for:

  • Choose a video player that you can easily embed on your website.
  • Find a player that you can easily customize so that it will fit in with the rest of your website.
  • Make sure that it has a social-sharing feature. If you want your live stream link to be broadcasted and available to more people, this feature is very important. It is a great thing that a lot of applications offer this.

The features that are mentioned above are just a few of the things that you want to look for when considering tech live streams. There may still be a lot of other things that you want and need. Get to know more about live streaming in general so you can easily make a decision.

Candymag Movie Bucketlist illustration

My daughter was happy when she sent me this illustration through viber. This was posted on candymagdotcom Instagram. Link here. She’s happy that her favorite author and artist Abbey Sy liked the post.

N had her second internship at Candy Magazine.

The next big thing

Having been quiet from the FB world for quite sometime now, I have no idea what people are saying about the next big thing in the social entertainment. According to reviews, this social entertainment can make or turn your home into a movie studio wherein you will have a specially-designed web cam, remote control, and a software that make it easy to step into the role of your favorite actors. You just plug the software to the USB port of your home computer and you’re ready to roll.

Reviews also said that you can choose from hundreds of set scenes available for purchase and download from their vast library.

Want to Purchase Justin Bieber Concert Tickets?

Justin Bieber is probably one of the most well-known figures in the music industry right now. From being a YouTube sensation, he has managed to come at the right time and he managed to capture the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Admittedly, being famous can come with a price though and he has already gone through various scandals and controversies that manned his name or has lost him some fans. Over the years though, he still has more than a million fans worldwide.

Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Show

Justin Bieber tickets in UK are not that hard to find as long as you know the right websites to check out to purchase tickets. Since he is well known, there are instances when concert tickets are sold out in a flash. There are even times when people cannot help but fight over his concert tickets. It is a good thing that purchasing in through the Internet now because the pandemonium it would cost will be very stressful if ticket purchasing would be done personally.

If you do decide that you would only like to purchase tickets on the day itself, this might not work out that much either because his tickets are always sold out. You would not be given a ticket because there are no more seats available. If you would like to watch him perform, purchasing ahead of time will be the best thing to do. Some even purchase months before so that a lot of good seats are still available. If you do not do this, you would have to settle for scraps.

Depending on the location, the prices may differ a lot. For instance, if you are from UK and you would want to watch him in Mexico, you might have to shell out a lot more pounds than what you have intended. If you would watch him in Australia though, the tickets will cost much less. It is all up to you and what you intend to do. There are sites that will allow you to compare different ticket selling sites online so that you can get the best deal.

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