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Three Things To Consider When Choosing a Preschool

According to studies by the nation’s top researchers, preschool helps prepare kids for success in kindergarten. So how do you choose the right preschool for your child? Parents looking for a preschool Redmond WA may want to evaluate programs based on the following areas: academic foundation-building, arts curriculum and development of socialization skills. A great preschool will offer a vibrant, dynamic curriculum in all three of these areas.

Photo by Gautam Arora on Unsplash

Building Academic Foundations

Look for a preschool that introduces your child to the subjects encountered during formal education. Preschool age may seem young to start learning about mathematics, geography, botany and biology; however, thoughtful teachers can introduce games, puzzles, memory activities and other tasks that foster a love of learning in young children. These teachings can form the building blocks of your child’s education.

Stimulating Arts Curriculum

Preschools with well-rounded curriculums generally offer enriching studies of the arts, including music. Research suggests that exposure to music education at an early age can be incredibly beneficial for young children and increase their capacity for learning. Engaging with the words and sounds in music can help children develop language skills later on. Besides music being cognitively stimulating, developing a love and appreciation for music can be satisfying in itself. When searching for the right preschool for your little one, look for a program with a stimulating arts curriculum.

Developing Social Skills

For many young children, preschool will be their first real social setting. At a great preschool, teachers can compassionately help children navigate social situations. Kids may be introduced to concepts such as sharing, working in groups and conflict resolution. Children often carry these skills with them to their kindergarten classrooms, setting them up for a smooth transition to school life.

Preschool is the first step in a child’s educational journey, providing fundamental skills and knowledge that can last a lifetime. Choose a school that will prepare your child for lasting success.

What is a Ghost Tour? Read This Before You Go

If you’ve read about ghost tours before you may think that it is simply a glorified ghost hunt or an opportunity for the locals to make some money from visitors. But, if you try out a good ghost tour, such as the rocks walking tour, you’ll realize there’s a lot more to it than this.

The Ghost Tour

A ghost tour is a well-organized event that leaves at a designated time from a designated spot. You’ll then be taken on a walking tour of the designated area. The route will be the same every time although different guides may have different extra pieces of information.

As you walk you’ll learn about the history of the area, the ghosts that are said to haunt the town, and you may even get to see some evidence of this.

Some tours, but not all, will actually include a section when you get to try out the latest ghost hunting equipment. You may be unimpressed by the results or completely spooked, that will depend on your level of belief.

But, whatever you believe, you will learn an array of interesting facts about the area. You should also have a lot of fun on the tour.

Levels Of Tour

It’s important to be aware that there are different levels of the tour. The most basic option is the family-friendly tour or the beginner’s tour. This is the least spooky and great to introduce yourself and your children to the world of ghosts. The tour will be designed not to have intense shocks but still to be informative.

The higher level of ghost tours will definitely increase the atmosphere of the paranormal, you’ll probably feel the hairs on the back of your neck going up.  Your choice will depend on your paranormal beliefs and experiences.


The majority of ghost tours happen as the sun is setting. This increases the atmosphere of the tour which makes it more believable or scarier.

Of course, because the tour happens as the sun starts to set, the temperature will drop, you should bring a coat or other warm garments to make sure your attention is on the tour not on the fact you’re shaking. (and it’s not ghost related).

Bring An Open Mind

It’s best to go on a ghost tour with an open mind. Even if you’re not a believer it’s a good idea to suspend that disbelief and just see what happens. When using the ghost hunting equipment you may be surprised by how the results affect you.

It’s also worth noting that a ghost tour will give you a unique perspective on the area. It’s a fun experience on vacation but it can be a real eye-opener if you do it where you live. Chance are you’ll be very surprised by what you learn about your own town or city.

In short, a ghost tour should be seen as a bit of fun with the potential to learn about the area and even develop a better understanding of ghosts. That makes it worth trying.

Young Filipino Digital Artists Talk About Their Creative Journey

Listen to young digital artists Naomi and Denice talk about their creative journey and keeping it going despite the competitive field. Interview conducted by their friend Lian, a professional photographer.

They discuss about the difference between digital and traditional arts and provide fresh tips on aspiring artists out there based on their experiences.

“Practice, experiment and enjoy the process.” — Naomi

“Always pursue passion projects, always practice, and share your work (to others) to inspire.” — Denice

Credit: Lian Palado