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Honing musical talent

Big names in the movie and music scene started out once as dreamy boys and girls holding a microphone and acting while wearing their mom or dad’s outsize clothes. Stage parents would grab every opportunity to have their kids’ audition video shot for talent scouts’ approval. But in this day and age, parents honing their kids to stardom can use several social networks as avenue to show their kids’ talents and eventually build followers for them.

If you have talented kids wouldn’t you dream of seeing them belting out with Miley Cyrus or acting with heartthrob Taylor Lautner? Of course you do. But you don’t have to wait for the big break to come to realize that dream. For a start, you need musical instruments to practice your kids’ musical inclination. Does peavey ring a bell?

Activities to Enhance Kids’ Emotional and Intellectual Development

Most parents would like their kids to be intelligent and at the same time wise. It has been said that there are some activities that kids can do that can enhance their mental and emotional growth. There are a lot of activities that are available to kids but not all are guaranteed to boost what they currently know or feel. In order to see if some activities are effective, the best thing to do is to check out the best selection of promotional items that are sometimes available online. This way, you can get items for free or for lower prices.

Hidden talent

One of my kids is fixated with drawing and sketches, the other one is, um, until now couldn’t decide what he really likes. Sometimes, he loves to make this miniature office set sans leather furniture dye. At one point, he loves to learn dressmaking. Thanks to my sister in law for painstakingly teaching him the basics (or was it SIL who did the little outfit). The little dresses are intended for his sister’s Barbie dolls. But seriously, if he intends to pursue a career related to textile or fashion, I don’t really mind. I’m always here to support him all the way.