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Graphika Manila’s Featured Artist

My daughter’s artwork got featured by Graphika Manila three times: 2018, 2020, and 2022.


I’m so proud of what she has become as a young child who dreams of becoming an artist one day. She is now working as a graphic artist in an advertising company. Keep up the great job, anak!

How To Construct Metal Art

There are many elements in the world that you can design an art piece from.  Metal is a unique substance to utilize for this concept. When it is completed, it can look old or futuristic, sometimes at the same time. Here is how to make a project from aluminum or steel.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Plot Out Your Design

Think about what you want to make and deliberate what it should be. Sketch it out on a piece of paper to get a good visual of it. Obtain the sheet of aluminum or steel that is the size of your project from a custom metal form manufacturer new york. Take the design that you have drawn and apply it. You can use a transfer or redo it by hand. Do this again until you have all the parts of your final plan plotted out. 

Cut It Out Of the Metal

The next step is to remove your design from the rest of the sheet. You can do this with cutters, however, this can be a tedious process and can hurt your hands. If you have the skill to use the equipment, you can utilize a plasma cutter or a saw. Be sure that you wear the appropriate protective equipment to do this, such as goggles, gloves, and an apron. 

Put It Together

Once all the pieces are freed from the sheet of metal, they must be put together into the final project. There are many methods that you can use to do this. However, welding is the best choice. You must have knowledge of the equipment before you proceed. If you have yet to be trained with a welder, ask someone who is certified to do it for you. Indicate for them the places that you wish to have joined until the final art is completed. 

Digital Illustration 2022

These are my daughter’s recent digital illustrations. I’ve lifted them from her Instagram posts with her permission.

Been obsessed with Arcane recently and just had to make a Powder/Jinx fanart  #arcane #powder #jinx #arcanefanart #leagueoflegends #artph
 #art2022 #digitalpainting #digitalillustration #sodiumomi #animatedillustration

Dear daughter is busy with work, but she finds time to squeeze in what she loves doing in her spare time.

Can’t count how many times I’ve watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, it’s such a comfort movie for me ✨🌻

#kikisdeliveryservice #kiki #jiji #studioghibli #artph #art2022 
#digitalpainting #digitalillustration #animatedillustration #sodiumomi

How time flies, the young girl who dreams of becoming a graphic artist has slowly realized her dream.