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Minion craze

You were not able to collect those cute minion toys from your fave fast food outlet, so why not make your own minion puppet. Here’s what you need. (Repost)

• Yellow and blue construction paper
• Tissue tube
• Pencils and markers
• Scissors
• Glue or glue gun
• Googly eyes

1.) Cut a yellow construction paper. Make sure that the height and width are the same size as the tube.
2.) Wrap the yellow paper around the tube.
3.) Draw the outfit of the minions on the blue construction paper.
4.) Cut it and wrap around the tube.
5.) To make the eyes (or eye) and mouth, you can either draw them or just use a printout for an accurate look.
6.) If you’re using a printout, cut the parts and paste it into the puppet.
7.) Paste the googly eyes after.
8.) To add the top of the head, draw a circle (the same size as the tube’s top) then cut and paste it on the minion.

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Cat doodle

cat doodle

N’s artwork is not always colorful as this one and her previous other artwork. There are days she prefers to have simple doodles like this kitten with sad eyes. N like uncomplicated things even in music she listens to crickets sound effect on days when she is in the mood to listen to instrumental tracks. But there are also days she’s happy listening to the 90’s pop music.