Monthly Archives: January 2014

Something fishy

Naomi’s first painting of fish as requested by her brother. Dad had it framed for Kyle’s bedroom.

Pictures come in handy

My daughter can thank me now for posting some of their photographs on my blogs especially the ones taken during or after a school activity. She is doing an assignment about achievements and experiences. I was able to post most if not all of her pictures during graduation and recognition days. Those photographs come in handy for her presentation on Thursday.

Sturdy watches

Have you seen this brand of watches? They are stylish but expensive. If I’m going to give my husband a watch, I would probably choose this brand because they seem to last a lifetime. Hubby used to own a watch like this but of different brand. He gave it to his dad a few years ago and it’s still functioning. He bought it when we were just newlyweds 17 years ago.