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How to Make a Minion Tube Puppet

• Yellow and blue construction paper
• Tissue tube
• Pencils and markers
• Scissors
• Glue or glue gun
• Googly eyes

1.) Cut a yellow construction paper. Make sure that the height and width are the same size as the tube.
2.) Wrap the yellow paper around the tube.
3.) Draw the outfit of the minions on the blue construction paper.
4.) Cut it and wrap around the tube.
5.) To make the eyes (or eye) and mouth, you can either draw them or just use a printout for an accurate look.
6.) If you’re using a printout, cut the parts and paste it into the puppet.
7.) Paste the googly eyes after.
8.) To add the top of the head, draw a circle (the same size as the tube’s top) then cut and paste it on the minion.

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College course

My daughter is really interested to take up Fine Arts in college. Hubby and I tried to persuade her to take up something else, but she won’t change her mind she still wants to pursue Fine Arts after high school. Her older cousin is also convincing her to consider Computer Science, but my daughter is not interested in taking mathematical courses or subjects that deal with software similar to attendance software from She’d probably take up anything except a math course. She loves to draw and she wanted to explore the craft by taking up Fine Arts.

Art book

My daughter is reading a lot of art books lately. Her current favorite is the one that we purchased two weeks ago. It was on sale at National Bookstore. From this book she gets to read different topics about art everyday. Take a peek.