Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Fairy Sketch

An artist in her own right. This blog was created to immortalize my daughter’s sketches, hence the title. One of her favorite subjects is pop icon Michael Jackson. He is her favorite singer too. I have been asking her to draw a fairy for me and she’s still thinking about it.

Why would I want a fairy sketch?

I will give it to the fairy that give so much to this blog. A fairy who visited this blog and left a gift for me. I know you already have an idea who I am talking about. I heard he is quite famous in the blogosphere. Can you guess? Yes, it’s the Fairy Hobmother. This is how he look based on Fairy Hobmother twitter:

I think my girl can do a better sketch of him and I can buy washing machine for the gift he send me. He is the sweetest fairy, do you agree?

Minion buddies

We’ve got a little minion fever here at home. After creating a minion puppet made from tissue paper tube, daughter made this minion buddies using Prisma color pencil.

Inspired by this cute video.

By the way, my daughter will be sharing steps on how to do a puppet minion in my next post.