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Perfect Snowboarding Gear

Importance of Good Snowboarding Gear

If you’re in the market for the perfect gear to hit the mountains, has a vast inventory of outstanding products that fits the bill. wiredsport doesn’t just have the technical expertise to provide the best snowboarding services, they are stoked in the same way you are about the sport.

Wired Sport’s well aware that the first step is a dependable board. Take a minute and hit their site to review an impressive line of boards. Have your pick of a high end Flow Infinite, Bataleon or Nitro snowboard, among others. With a series of snowboarding brands that come in far more fashions that you could imagine, there will be a board that fits your taste and style. Guaranteed. From there, expect the durability, speed, comfort and stability that should come with a well designed board. WiredSport has carefully and purposefully selected the best of the best, so that all your choices are top of the line.

Once you’ve got the board, grab some goggles, snowboarding pants, gloves, a snowboard gear bag, and even accessories like wax or tuning kits. Among their many tools is the One Ball Jay Magne-Traction Edge Tool, which helps keep board edges sharp and ready. The One Ball Jay Mini Tuning Kit contains all you’ll need for essential waxing, including a scraper and high performance all-temperature wax and rub. The majority of these great accessorizing products can be found in a one-stop package within the most complete riding and tuning snowboarding kit available. has an expanding online store as well as a series of store-based locations. Give them a call and find out where you can ‘test drive’ any of their fine products. Or just get any information you need from their trained staff. The WiredSport team recognizes that shopping online has become not only a convenience, but the easiest way to shop. They know enough about their brands that can hit your needs on the head without you having to get up from the keyboard. So if you’re willing to make that trip, fine, otherwise, be assured that, from your desk, they will be as informed a resource as you could ever need.

Wired Sport renowned for its guidance and support of first time boarders. With their Build Your Own Package, a new rider will be able to put together an assured and confident set of gear. WiredSport is stoked to bring your sport to exciting life.


Crayon and Paint Art Technique

Truth be told, it happens to even the best of us. Even the most prolific of artists does hit a blank wall at times, and finds it almost nerve-wracking to be left without inspiration for stunning artwork. If you’re one who happens feel like looking for the muses of art is like struggling with figuring out the difference between a universal vs term life insurance, then you can try this crayon and paint art technique for kids which can help put you back on the creativity track.

First, cover your work area with old newspapers. Then, using crayons, draw a beach scene on a piece of drawing paper. Lightly color in the blue sky, light brown sand. Add some bright beach towels and umbrellas.

The next thing to do is to recolor the picture using watercolor paints. Use blue paint over the areas you colored in with blue crayon, and so on. Let dry. You’ll be amazed at how mixing crayons and paint creates a new kind of texture.