Monthly Archives: January 2012

Miniature office set

My son made this miniature office set out of toothpick sticks, scrap cartons, papers and ribbons. I admire my boy’s creativity when he does cute stuff such as this one. I hope he gets to spend his extra time doing what he loves, so he’ll have less time thinking about silly things that annoy me and his older sister. Yesterday, I saw him sewing something for his toy; I guess given more time to practice sewing, he’ll be able to do even the intricate equestrian boots for his sister’s Barbie dolls.

A bouquet of flowers in a basket

My daughter’s latest drawing using Prisma colored pencil. This is my current FB profile pic as well.

Raising Techie Kids

Kids these days are so technologically-advanced that even toddlers as young as 3 years old are showing a particularly keen interest on gadgets and gizmos like mobile phones and digital cameras. They would automatically reach for mom’s iPad, curious and raring to use their new “discovery.” And long before mom is even aware, they would probably start figuring out learning how to use the thing, much like they did with the remote and the television or DVD player’s power buttons. Long after that, they have probably moved on to dad’s laptop or are probably requesting you to buy them a vocopro or a gadget of their own. Blame it on the fast-paced world they were born in and on the ads they get to see regularly on television and everywhere else.