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Educational items

These items will go to Marce Jadey’s Paper and Pencils for A Cause project.

(from left, board games, posters, flashcards, books)

The beneficiary of the project are students of Estrella Village Elementary School. There are at total of 186 students attending the  school at the moment:

Kindergarten 16 boys, 16 girls – 32

Grade 1 -3 – 77

Grade 4-6 – 77

They need the following school supplies. :

Paper/ Notebooks
Pencils/ Pens
Picture books for the Pre schoolers
Elementary books
School bags/ any bags that can be used for this purpose (doesn’t need to be new as long as it’s usable)
Blackboard Eraser
Children Scissors
Pencil sharpeners
Working Computers

Let’s make a difference to the lives of these kids. Be an instrument of blessing. Visit the link above to know more about this compassionate project.

From Your Mailbox Today

I don’t know about you, but I do know a lot of friends who get a kick at receiving letters, greeting cards, postcards and whatnot from the mail. It sure brightens up their day whenever the postman comes around bringing posts and parcels from different destinations around the globe. It sure is an ancient way to get in touch with friends and loved ones far away, thus the term snail mail, but nothing beats the excitement that comes with opening this personally scrawled letters or carefully chosen birthday cards, right? Just the thought that this person took the time to scribble a note for you never fails to make you extra special. Of course, demand letters from collection agencies is a different story altogether 😀