Monthly Archives: February 2011

Still Awake

My kids are fast asleep and here I am still doing lipozene reviews. I should be catching some sleep right now but sleepiness won’t visit me because I still think about our hospital bill. I’ve mentioned about the hospital policy that requires us to pay 70 percent of the current hospital bill and update every two days. We’ve already settled P12,000 yesterday and we have no idea when we would be discharged.

Just to clear my head for a while, I take time to read or take some photos of the view from the hospital window. Yesterday, I was able to capture a couple of  shots.

Dengue Rashes

Rashes slowly appear on my kids’ skin as their fever subsides. The rashes are itchy and generally present on the arm, hands and lower extremities. The   pinkish to  reddish rashes are just like pin sized dots and unsightly to look at. I’m afraid that my teenage daughter would get conscious of her skin if the dark blemish won’t disappear like scars left by adult acne.

Mommy Duty Calls

What can be so depressing than seeing your kids sick and helpless? It’s been a week since my two kids got sick. So I’m a mom and nurse for 24 hours even if there are nurses taking turn monitoring their condition at the hospital. I attend to the personal needs of my kids. I’m at their beck and call no matter how tired and sleepy I am. So I was like a zombie for some nights looking after them. Not that I’m complaining but given a few more sleepless and tiring days here at the hospital, I don’t think I would need the best diet pill for women? I think I’ve shed a pound already.