Monthly Archives: January 2011

Coronation Night

I’m not sure if my daughter will like this, but I’m posting the picture, anyway. My shy little girl joined (through her classroom adviser’s encouragement) to join a popularity contest (based on ticket sales) at her former school.

Isn’t this a nice entry for MellowYellowBadge, Smiling Sally and ?

My daughter was wearing a  yellow-gold gown.  She was crowned Second Runner-Up for Ms. Our Lady of Carmelite Academy in 2004. She was only six here and a first grader. The floor and the gown of the girl next to my daughter and her cute partner are blue. The stage adorned with red cloth was decorated with artificial flowers.

Two More Months…

With only a couple of months left before the closing of school year 2010-2011, I’m collating all the receipts from the tuition and other school fees I have in my plastic organizer to see if I have missed paying anything. I’m receiving monthly receipt from the school registrar because hubby and I chose to pay the kids’ tuition on a monthly basis since it’s the convenient payment mode for us. That way, we don’t have to secure a personal loan to be able to pay the whole tuition in full.

Anyway, I still have two more months to worry about, after that I hope that we can save something for that little vacation I’m telling you (ranting) about, well, not here but in my other blog.