Monthly Archives: November 2010

Big appetite for my big boy

Photo taken at SM Fairview

I have noticed that my son is gaining weight based on his flabby arms and thighs. I don’t know his current weight, but he sure looks bulky these days especially when he’s wearing a sando. I don’t expect him to ask me how to lose weight fast because he is still young to be self-conscious of his weight. I’m not even sure what to tell my son if one day he’ll approach me to seek advice on how to get slim when his own mom has weight problem to worry about. 🙁

For now, weight gain is not a big problem for my son. He is growing up and he really needs to eat a lot. Just tonight he ate two servings of spaghetti that I prepare for dinner. What an appetite!

Exchange gift ideas

I haven’t bought anything for the kids’ traditional exchange gift yet. So I’m thinking why not give something like this (see picture below). However, isn’t it too pricey for school children to give to their classmate as Christmas gift? I think it will be more appropriate if included in the list of corporate holiday gifts ideas for office workers, isn’t it?

The frame as you can see represents each member of the family. This is a nice present to give to your (married) officemate or your boss. It will surely bring a smile on their face. Since I have a penchant for cute items, I’m thinking of buying one for myself (depends on the budget). I can place my picture, hubby’s and my kids’. There is also a space where I can write our names on it. My kids will surely love this adorable item!

Board passer

My friend Lorena recently passed the nursing board exam. She is a certified nurse now. Unfortunately, she may not be able to look for a nursing or medical job anytime she wants after she met an accident last August. She was on her way to drop off her son to school when she slipped and fell on the pavement. The accident caused a broken bone in her right foot. She was immediately operated on to repair the bone fracture. She was dependent on crutches for a while and lately she uses a cane to walk gradually.

It will take time before she can be her old self again. And applying for work will also take a back seat for now. She intends to serve at a local hospital and then apply for a job abroad. She wishes to reunite with her siblings in the US in the next couple of years.