Monthly Archives: July 2010

Robert Pattinson and Diana Ross sketches

Hey guys, here’s my latest drawings. I believe Mom already used one of these drawings for her MYM entry. What do you think of my latest drawings? I’m excited to read your comments. Thanks!Star

Diana Ross
Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen

Dedicated hosting

What do I know about dedicated hosting? Actually, I have the faintest idea before I read my mom’s previous post about it. From what I understand, the web host provides a server space for a web site or blog to make it accessible through the Internet. And a dedicated hosting service or managed hosting is a type of Internet hosting wherein clients rent an entire server not shared with anyone. This kind of Internet hosting is recommended to business owners. Since business owners have full control over their server it will give them peace of mind knowing that their site is safe and stable. You just have to be patient looking for the reasonably priced web hosting solutions. Some sites that offer web hosting services usually provide a review page for satisfied customers, take time to read about them before you select your web host provider.