Monthly Archives: November 2009

Clutter keeper metal sheds

We badly need a clutter keeper for our house. We have old toys and boxes of what-have-you in one corner and a pile of old newspapers to the next. I wish we have metal sheds to keep all these useful items temporarily before they are finally disposed of for sale or recycling. I need the metal garden shed for my husband’s bike to protect it from constant exposure to sun and rain. I might also keep hubby’s electric gadgets and other stuff inside the storage so he’ll know where to find them in case he needs them. I don’t have to worry about the bike and metal tools to rust because the heavy duty galvanized case has a unique ventilation system that it keeps the item inside dry and safe. You may checkout for other useful tips on using this outdoor storage. Each item comes with step by step assembly instructions.

My shopping list includes a personalized duffle bag

I’m planning to do some shopping for Christmas gift online (that is if I get my earnings from my online job on time). I don’t want the hassle of going to the mall and get caught in traffic for hours like what I have experienced in the past. I spend practically hours scouting for gift items and end up with the product that doesn’t conform to my taste. I also promised myself to stick with the list to avoid the tendency to overshop. What do I propose? Shop for inexpensive items online and I want it personalized. At they offer lines of colourful and personalized duffle bags, insulated lunch tote and even laundry bags. These bags are created with Mint’s signature fabrics. I personally like the duffle bag because it is big enough to be used for an overnight stay. For just $20 you can have a beautiful duffle bag shown on their webpage. You can request for your recipient’s name embossed on the bag. Lunch tote is a hit for school-age boys and girls. Their favorite food will remain fresh the whole day at school. You can make this insulated lunch tote presentable by putting the names of your favorite niece, nephew or godchild’s name on it. Who knows an embroidered lunch tote may enhance the appetite of picky eaters. 🙂 To complete your gift ideas for bag, why not include mint laundry bag with a shoulder strap. This bag is best paired with your overnight bags. You don’t want your neatly pressed clothes mix with your soiled clothes do you? Once you have placed your order you only need to wait for three to five working days and your items are ready to be displayed underneath your Christmas tree. Once I’m done with online shopping I will have more time for my family.

My blogs got ranked

This is a late post but I’m still sharing it. Last Saturday I was surprised to discover that my two blogs got ranked by Google. It may mean nothing to some but for me its important its like a ticket to more possible opps. And more opps would mean additional help for my family. From PR1, Mom writes for a cause is now PR 2. And this site got its first Google page rank of 1. But about three or four weeks ago my Mom writes’ page rank went down from 1 to N/A. I’m not expecting the positive development to happen this soon. It was an early Christmas gift from Mr. Google. Thanks Mr. G!